Jeannette Vota recalls the story of her life
through the fog of dementia.
She is a native New Yorker,
a longtime resident of Prague 
and a current resident of a retirement community 
near the swamps of Mt. Dora, Florida.
To fill the time she calls her friends in Europe,
tends to her dog Noel,
watches Turner Classic Movies
and visits her eldest daughter every Sunday.


Bok Kai Festival

Each spring since the heyday of the gold rush,
the Bok Kai Parade makes its way
through Marysville, California.
The parade celebrates the Chinese water god Bok Eye,
who protects the community from flooding.
Businesses hang green cabbage
so that the 175 foot long golden dragon,
"Hong Wan Lung”
      may bring good luck for the coming year.
                                                                                                                      Seated beside the Feather River
is the the Bok Kai Temple,
     which before the levee’s construction
       was repeatedly devasted by flooding.
    For years, Chinese residents
    were restricted to building in this high-risk zone.

Today, an effort to restore the temples’
water-damaged frescoes is underway.

               Official music video for Abigail Stauffer’s “Ducks”
               Balloons by POP! Designs & Creations
               Camera Assistance by Theo Schear


Official music video for Sail by Rooms
Nicole Patrick, Peter Littlejohn, John Bochnowski, Ian Gold, Gabe Wilk
Camera Assistance by Cameron Giniel