#UC150 Women’s History Month

Series of videos commemorating Angela Davis, Nalo Hopkinson and Dr. Laura Esserman, 3 remarkable women in the UC system.

Watch the videos here, here, and here.

Creating Beautiful Smiles
Producer + Director + Lead Editor

A local TV spot created to advertise Iverson Orthodontics and their locations in Yuba City, Chico, Vacaville and Colusa.

Watch it here.

Julian Allen: Could You Be

Video component to a Kickstarter campaign that successfully raised over $10K to fund Julian’s debut album.

Watch it here.

Back the Roots
Lead Creator

UC Berkeley alums Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez co-founded Back to the Roots in 2009 to reconnect people with their food. Their products include at-home grow kits, self-cleaning fish tanks and breakfast cereals. They recently signed a contract with the New York City public school system to replace Kellogg's for school breakfasts.

Produced for the University of Calfornia. 

Learn how an idea grown in the classroom
made it to the grocery aisle.

Watch it here.

Hack the Hood 2017 #ChallengeTech

Video created to support Hack the Hood’s 2017 #ChallengeTech fundraiser.

Watch it here.

Saladin Smith

Meet Saladin Smith—
a man who dreams of becoming a web developer
to gain control of his own destiny.
What will it take
to break the cycle
of financial instability
and working dead end 9-5’s?

Watch it here.

Note: This video is the director’s cut of a three-part documentary series produced for the non-profit Hack the Hood. This video is not endorsed by the organization, nor does it necessarily represent the views or the mission of the organization.